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This look features soft pastel hues and a baroque-esque aesthetic thanks to the luxurious embroidery and voluminous silhouette.Created from a combination of three unique brocade and organza materials, the Obi Volant Coat is made up of four meticulously sewn volant pieces. The dress boasts an intricately hand-painted silk fabric by Rianna and is adorned with swarovski crystal accents. The neckline is adorned with a hand-embroidered pearl collier from India.

Look Details: One-of-a-kind Volant Coat Organza, One-of-a-kind Handpainted Evening Kaftan Dress Lux

Composition: 100% Cotton, 100 Silk + 100% Swarovski crystals  - Dry clean only

    Price on Request

    Made in Berlin

    This style can be adjusted to your specifications. If you have any wishes regarding alterations or sizing, contact us directly via WhatsApp or email. We are here to help!

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