RIANNA + NINA is so much more than a luxury fashion brand. We see ourselves as a team of artists, creating treasures that can be appreciated for lifetimes and cherished for generations. Every piece of fabric comes from years of discovery and exploration; with love and with passion, we’ve found some of the most beautiful materials in the world.

Our mission is to present you with designs of breathtaking quality and beauty, and to surprise you with rich pieces you can’t wait to wear.

To do this, our master artisans delicately create each piece by hand in our Berlin atelier, working alongside Rianna and Nina to ensure every stitch and seam is simply perfect. The atelier itself is a sea of color — contemporary patterns, impeccable embroidery, and vintage fabrics abound, creating a dynamic and incomparable environment for our artisans. By keeping our production contained within these vibrant walls, we can be sustainable while crafting made-to-order works customized to your exact specifications.

Whether a piece is made from vintage high-end fabrics discovered by Rianna and Nina during years of world travel for our one-of-a-kind collection, or fine Italian silks sourced from Como, Italy for our ready-to-wear collections, our atelier and its master artisans bring all of these stories together into elegant, luxurious garments.

When you wear a RIANNA + NINA piece, we want you to feel as special as we feel when we created it — to experience our story while you create your own. 


How two women turned a shared love of vintage into RIANNA + NINA.

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RIANNA + NINA is proud to have a zero waste policy. Learn more about how.

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Visit our Paris flagship store at 34 Rue de Montpensier, 75001 Paris

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