RIANNA + NINA is a luxury label that stands for extraordinary one-of-a-kind designs, love for treasure-hunted vintage fabrics, expert craftsmanship, colorful prints and a quality of detail that is beyond compare.

Founded by two women, Rianna Kounou and Nina Knaudt, from a shared love of vintage, art, and collectors’ pieces, RIANNA + NINA is a realization of their common dream. RIANNA + NINA brings never-before-seen designs to people who are tired of mass market luxury and desire elegant, high-end, color-rich looks.

What started as a small boutique in Berlin in 2014 has since grown into an international celebration of vintage, weaving tales of classic treasures alongside gorgeous prints, vibrant bags, and so much more. 

Growing up in her parents’ vintage store in Greece, Rianna’s childhood curiosity compelled her to her family’s numerous vintage wares. In their knackered nooks and crannies, she saw something beautiful — and as she grew up, she sought to bring that beauty to the rest of the world. Through an education in costume design, she learned how to craft the classic fabrics she had been collecting all her life into compelling new works, and after opening a successful vintage store of her own in Athens, she moved to Berlin to bring her love to an international audience. Here, she opened Rianna in Berlin, the city’s go-to spot for rare designer finds, dreamy clothing, jewelry and inimitable accessories. In 2013, she met Nina at a vintage furniture fair — and RIANNA + NINA was born.

Nina’s history in fashion goes as far back as she can remember. A lover of style from a young age, she began working in the industry as soon as she could, training at a PR agency representing luxury clients like Etro and Cartier while earning her Bachelor’s degree. Once she had a taste of the fashion world, she couldn’t get enough. Nina began representing clients in Munich, New York, and Paris before completing a degree in Fashion and Design Management at Bocconi University. Soon, she had returned to her home country to become the Head of Marketing of Communication at Galeries Lafayette in Berlin. It was in this fateful city where she met Rianna, and they set out together to bring a luxurious, colorful change to the fashion world.


Cabinet of Curiosities, a store co-run by Rianna and Nina, became the duo’s first exploration of their joint passion. Their skills meshed perfectly; Rianna’s keen eye for vintage treasures turned the store into a vibrant, joyous exploration of time, while Nina’s industry experience and shared love of classic beauty brought attention to the store far beyond Berlin. Eventually, Rianna and Nina moved to a second, larger store, shifting their focus to Rianna’s original vision of renewing vintage fabrics into beautiful new pieces.

Word about RIANNA + NINA spread quickly. The duo participated in the Vogue Salon, they were selected as part of an exhibition at Berlin Fashion Week, and just a year later, RIANNA + NINA was showcasing pieces in a well-received pop-up in Bergdorf Goodman. Soon, the likes of Rihanna, Madonna, Jared Leto, and a host of other celebrities were spotted wearing RIANNA + NINA’s trademark blend of classic style with modern flair. Riding the wave of this success, Rianna and Nina relocated to an atelier in Berlin, where every look is still made by hand with a team of skilled artisans. Today, pieces from RIANNA + NINA could be found globally in over 40 stores and luxury hotels, giving free-spirited women all around the world a place for colorful style, vibrant prints, and sustainable luxury.


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