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Lito, the Greek goddess of motherhood, childbirth, and modesty, is known as the consort of Zeus and the mother of the famed twins Apollo and Artemis. This look inspired by her namesake features a beautiful blouse crafted from a vintage wedding kimono, exquisitely adorned with hand-embroidery and complemented by blue silk detailing from France. The vibrant skirt is made from Hungarian blankets showcasing special silk embroidery dating back to the period between 1920-1940. It is accentuated by an elastic waistbelt with a buckle, embellished with crystals by Swarovski® wich were hand-laid. Completing the ensemble is a stunning straw hat, skillfully handcrafted in Greece and further embellished by artisans in our Berlin Atelier. Each design is a vintage couture-piece, drawing inspiration from the captivating world of Greek mythology.

Look Details: Fashion Show Straw Hat with Braids, One-of-a-kind Vintage Kimono Shirt Blouse With Tie, Fashion Show Long Skirt Embroidery

Composition: 100% Straw, 100% Cotton, 100% Cotton  - Dry clean only

    Price on Request

    Made in Berlin

    This style can be adjusted to your specifications. If you have any wishes regarding alterations or sizing, contact us directly via WhatsApp or email. We are here to help!

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