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Ivi is derived from the Ancient Greek Ήβη (pronounced Ivi) and was considered the goddess of youth or young maternity. The full look features a straw hat, adorned with silky cloth flowers and sequins, a waistcoat and an overall. The sleeveless vest is made out of a fabric that dates back to 1850. The hand-stitched embellishments show blooming floral motifs detailed with Chinese gold embroidery — all symbols of youth. The overall underneath pops in vibrant pink and is crafted out of a high quality vintage lace from France.

Look Details: Fashion Show Straw Hat with Embroidered Flowers, Fashion Show Embroidered Waistcoat, One-of-a-kind Overall Lace 

Composition: 100% Straw, 100% Cotton, 100% Cotton  - Dry clean only

    Price on Request

    Made in Berlin

    This style can be adjusted to your specifications. If you have any wishes regarding alterations or sizing, contact us directly via WhatsApp or email. We are here to help!

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