RIANNA + NINA is more than a brand. It’s a colorful universe, created by two women with a love for exclusive vintage textiles treasure hunted around the globe, a passion for craftsmanship, and a deep belief in bringing true luxury to an extravagant clientele who are tired of mass-market luxury.

Starting as a small boutique in Berlin in 2014, RIANNA + NINA has grown rapidly, attracting international attention and acclaim for their luxurious, vibrant styles. Today, RIANNA + NINA is stocked by over 40 A-list boutiques & luxury hotels. The label has been seen on the likes of Rihanna, Billy Porter, Jared Leto, Madonna, as well as many others who embrace colorful beauty by sourcing these true collector pieces. 

Rianna is one of the world's top experts in vintage collectibles and designer fashion from past decades, with over 35 years of experience to her name. With a background in costume history, film and theatre styling, and an inborn ability to treasure hunt unique fashion and accessories, she is the creative mastermind behind all the designs of RIANNA + NINA. She gets her inspiration from her enormous private collection of curiosities, books, movies, travel, and the beauty she sees in every little detail. Rianna loves being surrounded by her family and friends, cooking, dancing, and spending time in her colorful seaside house in Greece. 

Nina's love for vintage began at a very young age roaming around flea markets and antique fairs with her grandmother. Her love for fashion carried her through many exciting adventures around the globe from Paris to Munich and New York, where she worked for brands like Cartier, Etro, BMW, and Bill Blass. After meeting Rianna at a vintage furniture fair in 2013, Nina knew that all she wanted was to bring about a world full of colors with her creative soulmate.

Two women with different backgrounds, cultures, and ages, but a common love of vintage, craftsmanship, bold prints, and mostly, each other. Their meeting was the beginning of a colorful journey around the globe, and they deeply believe that the best is yet to come.

RIANNA + NINA are available in over 40 A-list stores and hotels globally. A selection of these fine purveyors includes:

Al Ostoura
Bergdorf Goodman
Eden Rock
Il Pellicano
Luisa World
The Conservatory
The Webster  

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