One-of-a-kind Défilé MYTHOLOGIA

On Tuesday, July 11, 2023, we had the joy of presenting our new One-of-a-Kind collection, MYTHOLOGIA, at Berlin Fashion Week. This superior selection of handcrafted works united vintage fabrics to tell a story of Greece’s ancient times — a wondrous tale full of intrigue and surprise captured through a series of unique pieces, all beautifully created by hand from upcycled textiles in our Berlin atelier.

An audience convened at the famed Alte Nationalgalerie in the heart of Berlin’s Museum Island to experience the magic of our new collection. Among those present were actresses Julia Malik and Nadine Warmuth, presenter Tamara Gräfin von Nayhauss, KaDeWe CEO André Maeder, Andreas Murkudis, Grisebach CEO Diandra Donecker, jewelry designer Saskia Diez, Secretary of State Michael Biel, along with approximately 165 more esteemed guests. The presentation was accompanied by a live performance from Greek singer Artemis Bogri, a mezzo soprano invited from the Greek National Opera.

As the people gathered, the many free-spirited works of MYTHOLOGIA were on full display — characterized not only by the vibrancy, but their plays on Greek life from the past to present. Fabrics from around the world came together to reference Rianna’s personal history on the islands, the country’s stories of Gods and Goddesses, and the many magical experiences Rianna had growing up on the land’s sandy shores.

Among the many exquisite fabrics composing MYTHOLOGIA were vintage hand-painted kimonos from Japan; Chinese embroidery from the 19th century; European tablecloths from the 1950s; and traditional Greek silk embroidery. Select designs incorporated hand-laid Swarovski crystals, and models complemented each look with hand-painted jewelry of our own creation, vintage ceramics, and hats made in our atelier. Closing the show was the incredible Lisa de Narvaez — a self-made woman and teacher of consciousness and breathwork.

Each One-of-a-Kind couture piece was designed and created by hand in Berlin from upcycled vintage luxury fabrics. In doing this, we bring sustainable luxury to a clientele who desire peerless and authentic pieces — redefining luxury by embracing preservation and inclusivity, and celebrating the stories of the past and present with a personal curation of the spectacular.

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