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Artemis, the goddess of wild animals, the hunt, and vegetation, was the closing look of the show. The dress, fashioned from silk and tulle, boasts intricate gold threads atop precious textiles discovered by Rianna during a treasure hunt in Greece, with the fabrics finding their roots in the 60s/70s. Complementing the dress is a corset, lovingly crafted 25 years ago by Rianna's mother, Rena, using weaving loom pins. Completing the look were an enchanting coat adorned with Moroccan embroidery and a magical flower hat, both designed in our Berlin atelier.

Look Details: One-of-a-kind New Kimono Coat Embroidery

Composition: 100% Cotton 100% Silk - Dry clean only

    Price on Request

    Made in Berlin

    This style can be adjusted to your specifications. If you have any wishes regarding alterations or sizing, contact us directly via WhatsApp or email. We are here to help!

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