One-of-a-kind Wide Leg Pants Velvet
The one-of-a-kind Wide Leg Pants are featuring a luxurious velvet in silk cotton mixture decorated with a border in the traditional Suzani style characterized by its broad and structural adornments from the Central Asian region. The wide-leg silhouette is shaping a strong...
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Vintage Valentino Necklace
This vintage Valentino necklace is an original from the 80s. The hand-painted enamel pearls combined with gold plating and a large gold-plated chain.  These pieces are part of the exclusive vintage jewellery selection curated by vintage expert Rianna. Focusing on high-quality...
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Vintage Yves Saint Laurent Necklace
This gold plated vintage Yves Saint Laurent necklace is an original from the 80s and decorated with a large scale high-quality gemstone. This piece was designed by the french jeweler Robert Goossens - Monsieur Bijou - who performed the jewellery design for renowned Haute Couture...
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