Discover the RIANNA + NINA couture selection. Obis from 1920’s Japan, a tablecloth from the American 60’s — our sustainability-minded one-of-a-kind collection weaves together stories collected over generations. Each one-of-a-kind collector piece is handmade in our Berlin atelier from repurposed high-end fabrics discovered across years of world travel. Flowing, colorful pieces that catch your eye and take hold of your imagination.

One-of-a-kind Elastic Belt
This hand-made one-of-a-kind Elastic Belt is made from an exclusive RIANNA + NINA archive fabric featuring one of our iconic in-house developed patterns of the Loukoumi collection. Its eyepiece is a rare vintage belt buckle featuring rhinestones and decorative gemstones. It can be worn...
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One-of-a-kind Kendima Kimono Wool
This beautiful one-of-a-kind Kimono is made out of a vintage tablecloth and is characterised by hand embroidery made from a wool-cotton mix. The collar as well as an extra belt of this beautiful piece is made from cotton wax print....
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Kendima Vintage Kimono Plastron Blouse
The Kendima Vintage Kimono Plastron Blouse is designed of vintage Japanese kimono with the front plastron made from vintage obi belts of the 1940s. Themes from Art Nouveau contrasting with the bold African cotton wax print in the back. Detailed...
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Kendima Boxy Blouse Special
The Kendima Boxy Blouse comes in the signature silhouette of our classic Blouse Claudia. The boxy shape is defined by short elbow-length sleeves and a large collar. The front is made from a hand-embroidered table linen contrasting with a beautiful white table linen with...
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